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Our Projects

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College Scholarships

Each summer the Foundation awards college scholarships to deserving Laguna Beach Lifeguards to help them with furthering their education.  One of the scholarships each summer is coordinated through the  Laguna Beach High School Scholarship program.  The rest are done directly from the Foundation to the recipients. Below are the recipients from the past few years.



Dylan Weeks

Christian Brown


Gavin Pike

Liam McCue

​                       2021                            Colton Weeks    

 Christian Rosene  

    Grant Glessing      

           Trevor Coleman            

  Cameron Vincent  


Keeler Nelsen 

Jack Riccardi 

Austin Hoff 

Jacob Crocker

Trevor Coleman

Thomas Glessing


Lium McCue


Nathan Madigan

Junior Lifeguard Sponsorships


Sponsorships for Junior Lifeguards to participate in the Laguna Beach Junior Lifeguard Program are provided to those families that might not otherwise be able to afford to due to financial hardships.

2023 - The Foundation sponsored 15 junior guards.

2022 - The Foundation sponsored 8 junior guards.

2021 - The Foundation sponsored ten junior guards.

2020 - There was no Junior Guard Program due to Covid.

2019 - The Foundation sponsored two junior guards.

2018 - The Foundation sponsored four junior guards.


Programs: Programs

Ocean lifeguards train for, and participate in lifeguard competitions regionally, nationally and even internationally.  The competitions promote physical fitness, ocean rescue skills, camaraderie within the department, and a chance for the guards to interact in a positive way with their fellow lifeguards from other agencies.

The Foundation supports the competitors financially by purchasing racing equipment, and logistically by helping out during the actual competitions.  The Foundation has purchased three racing paddle boards, two racing surf skis, as well as a couple "easy ups" and additional racing gear.

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